Building a Magic Mirror: Part 1:Planning

When I got a Raspberry pi 3 I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do with it. The options for what I could do where endless; a streaming device, an emulator, an ad-blocker and much more. So I didn’t actually do much with it for a while other than turn it on and play around with it. Then I saw a blog post about a Magic Mirror powered with a Raspberry pi. It was amazing. So that’s the direction I decided to go with. The plan was to make the mirror as a gift. This project required more than just developing the code, rather required hardware planning.

A monitor behind a two-way mirror. Hopefully I can make my own as neatly. Source:

So off the bat, the first few things i needed were:

  • Raspberry pi 3 to upload the software
  • A monitor, preferably >24′, to display the info
  • A two-way mirror, the real magic
  • Wood to make the frame
  • Screws, cables etc.

So with that much planning, I set off to make my own mirror.